Visual Communications

Fuzzy CleoPeelMy formal education is from a technical college in Madison WI. I have an Associate of Applied Art from the Visual Communications program. My high school art teacher gave me a solid foundation in the basics of a variety of fields of art: Photography, pottery, three-point perspective, painting, drawing, color wheels and theory, and even watching Tron and The Dark Crystal. The Visual Communications program hit on all those points again and expanded to videography, trade show exhibits, physical slide show presentations, computer animation, layout and design, web design, and my introduction to world of Adobe.

Know_BoundariesGreen and GoldenI had specifically gone to school to become a web designer because high school taught me my main two passions were art and computer. What better way to combine those passions than web design. As this artistic, technological infection took me forward, I created art. And I had a new medium, the computer.

What’s In a Name


I have been called many things over the years. Some of them very appropriate, even if negative, and some of them just noise. One of the best titles I have attained is Dad. I really liked being called Daddy, but Dad has this familiarity to it, an essence of calm and trust, a maturity to it that Daddy doesn’t have. As of today, my daughter Harper is 7 and my son Atlas is 3. Incidentally, even though unplanned, that is the same age difference between my sister and I, and she is older too!