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Things I Would Never Give Up On

I remember being just out of college and still holding strong to the music and movies, staying current, knowing all the names, watching and listening on a regular basis. I swore I would never give up on these things.

And then I had a daughter.

So, something more important came along and I focused my energy and time into that and the music and movies faded away. I miss it, but I didn’t realize it until recently. No one makes a mix-cd anymore, unless you are the CEO of the company I work for. It was a passing conversation at the end of a meeting, but he did what he promised and gave me some music to listen to.

Now, Cloud Cult is officially awesome!

Cloud Cult

Cloud Cult


Joseph Parchem Beardless


The time had come. The beard must go. Sad face. But it WILL grow again.

Know Boundaries Website

Know Boundaries WebsiteThe band and the website are no longer, but this was a very fun project and I wanted to show it. I was approached by a friend of mine that wanted a website for his band (he’s the guy in the green shirt). At the time, I was a Web Design Consultant and giving away my services on the side was frowned upon. We worked out a deal with my employer where we gave a little money to them and then I could make them a awesome website on the side.

I had already been dabbling in content management systems (CMS), which were revolutionizing the web world at the time (keep in mind, this was in 2002). So, I knew I was going to have a database drive the content. I had never done it before, so I decided the entire site would be in Macromedia Flash (Adobe hadn’t bought them yet).

This meant learning Flash ActionScript and the methods required to read from the database and get it into the Flash file. I also created a sliding style of moving from page to page. The image above will take you to a version of the page so you can see how the animation works (there is no data for it to read though). And, of course, the design was all mine. Working on band graphics really opens the door to some creative artwork.

Print Production: Horizons

Horizons Newsletter 2005We had a company newsletter that was for the clients of the company. I created this in 2005 and the publication has since changed names and I no longer work on the design/production of the piece. This is a full 8.5×11 flyer that opens booklet style, meant to be folded in half and be a self mailer. All of the content and images came from the Marketing Department, but the layout and graphics started with my ideas and were tweaked by Marketing input as we went along. This required coordination with print house to ensure the files were setup how they expect, as well as working with the Marketing Team.

I used Photoshop to process the images and InDesign to do the final layout and preflight for print.